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When the 39 Squadron Marauder Association was formed great efforts were made to locate and enroll ALL members of the Squadron who served from October 1944 to October 1946.  Those whom we contacted who wished to enroll became full members but those who did not wish to enroll had their wishes respected and no more contact was made. There were a number of both Ground crew and Air Crew whom we were unable to locate – not then or in the later years.

We have now decided that one last effort should be made to establish personnel contact with these missing members via our Web Site which has only recently become available for this purpose.

Therefore, if any person who is viewing this section believes that they have knowledge of the whereabouts of any of the under listed people then we would be grateful if you would pass this information on to our secretary so that we can make the necessary enquiries to contact. Even if they have died we would still like to know so that their names can possibly be added to our Roll of Honour. It’s a long shot but we can only hope.   

Air Crew

Adams Fred J . Flt/Sgt AG Pilot F/O Thompson
Adams Robert Sgt AG Pilot Sgt Haigh
Almond Eric (Nutty) Flt Sgt Wop AG Pilot W/O Willis
Armstrong Derek A W Off Nav/B Pilot W/O McMurchy
Armstrong A.H.(Con) Lt/SAAF Obs Pilot Lt Moseley
Attenborrow N H Flt Lt Pilot PostedMay 1945
Austin J Flt Sgt AG Pilot W/O McMurchy
Burke J S Sgt Wop AG Pilot Sgt Perrett
Brenton B W Off AG Pilot s/l Watson
Briers Pieter(Windy) Lt SAAF Obs Pilot W/O Dingwall
Brown Peter J Flg Off Bomb Pilot F/O Larcombe
Bulmer Kenneth G Flt Lt Pilot Post May 1945
Burge William A Plt Off Nav Pilot S/L Watson
Congdon Frank W M Flt Sgt AG Pilot Sgt Owen(Hank)
Cross A J Flt Sgt Nav Pilot Sgt Haigh
Crawford Geoffrey Flt Sgt AG Pilot Flt/Lt Settle 
Davidson George Y Sgt AG Pilot Lt Denny
De Laange Carel G W Off Wop AG Pilot Lt Denny
Denny Patrick N LT SAAF Pilot 1st Pilot
De Villies W M (Devvy) W Off Wop AG Pilot Lt Collins
Dickinson R H (Dicky) F/Sgt AG Pilot W/O Moss
Dingwall Richard J C W Off Pilot 1st Pilot
Eaton William D Sgt Wop AG Pilot P/O Dembo
Elliot G R (Booster) Flt Lt Pilot 1st pilot
Fisher John F A Plt Off Pilot 1st Pilot
Flanagan William R Flt Sgt Bomb Pilot F/L Wren
Foster William F Sgt Wop AG Pilot Sgt Mullen
Goodwin C A V W Off Wop AG Pilot W/C Griffiths
Goddard Phillip H Sgt AG Pilot P/O Dembo
Green Robert G Flt Sgt Nav Pilot Mullen/Kruger
Haigh John D Sgt Pilot 1st Pilot
Haines Peter P Flt Sgt Bomb Pilot Sgt Owen
Hamilton Ham Flt/Sgt Pilot Post May 1945
Heron Norman(Nobby) Sgt Nav Pilot W/O Dingwall
Hixon F E (Dave) Flt Lt Bombs Pilot W/C Griffiths
Howarth Peter L Sgt AG Pilot Sgt Stevenson
Hutchinson George H Flt Sgt AG Pilot W/C Griffiths
Hurcomb Gorden Sgt AG Pilot W/O Ellis
Jackson John(Jacko) Sgt AG Pilot Sgt Kennady
Keen B W Off Wop AG Pilot ??
Keen D M W Off Wop AG Pilot ??
Larcombe J R (Dicky) Flg Off Pilot 1st Pilot
Lee C R Sqd Ldr Pilot Post May 1945
Lamkin Norman C Flg Off Wop AG Pilot Flt/Lt Settle
Marshall A C (Con) Lt SAAF Obs Pilot Lt Denny
McRobb Peter S Flt/Sgt AG Pilot Lt Collins
Michael K (Mick) Flt/Sgt Bomb Pilot S/L Watson
McMurchy D C (Mad) W Off Pilot 1st Pilot 
Napier Alex B N(Jock) Flt Sgt AG Pilot W/O Meikle
Odendaal H W M (Zulu) Lt SAAF Wop AG Pilot Lt Moseley
Owen William T(Bill) Flt Sgt Pilot 1st Pilot 
Parkman K P Sgt AG Pilot Sgt Kennedy
Philpott A K (Phil) Flt Sgt Bomb Pilot Sgt Kennedy
Pringle Michael J Sgt Bomb Pilot Sgt Stevenson
Puig Anthony P G Sgt AG Pilot Sgt Owen(Bill)
Reed Douglas(Rastus) Flt Sgt Nav Pilot Sgt Kennedy
Read Harry P(Scouse) Flt Sgt AG Pilot Cpt Wright
Renton Gavin P Flt Sgt AG Pilot Sgt Mullen
Redman R P (Red) Flt Sgt Pilot 1st Pilot
Rose Peter Sgt AG Pilot Sgt Bowyer
Simm A (Wiggy) Flt Sgt AG Pilot F/L Ross
Smith Alan M Plt Off Nav Pilot Flt/Lt Wren
Southon J V (Johnny) W Off.NZ Bomb Pilot W/O McMurchy
Stevenson J G (Alex) Flt Sgt Pilot 1st Pilot
Storey J W W Off AG Pilot W/O McMurchy
Tinsley Jeffrey W Off AG Pilot F/L Wren
Watson M D C (Harry) Sqd Ldr Pilot 1st Pilot
Wightman D B (Paul) W Off Wop AG Pilot F/L Wren
Williams G Sgt Bomb Pilot Sgt Stevenson
Wilson Michael A (Tug) Sgt AG Pilot Sgt Haigh
Willis Robert J Flt Sgt Nav Pilot W/O Meikle
Wright Victor E Cpt SAAF Pilot 1st Pilot 
Wyer Leslie (Les) W Off AG Pilot S/L Payne
Yule Raymond B Flt Lt NZ Bomb Pilot S/L Payne 


Adams (Jock) ? Flights
Adam J ? Flights
Allfrey Kenneth ? Flights
Asher Leonard ? Flights
Baker Fred ? Flights
Barry L F FltLt Adjutant. (RAAF)
Bates ? ? ?
Banks ? ? ?
Bedford Gordon ? ?
Bellis C Flg Off Admin Signals
Birchall James(Jim) ? Fitter Airframes
Blake S (Sexton) ? ?
Bloxham ? Wrt Off Station Warrant Office
Bode ? ? Flights
Bowers A C Flg Off Signals Officer
Brunton ? Wrt Off I/C Armoury
Chambers C (Chanty) Crpl Fitter 2A
Cheney Harry ? Flights.48.St Albuns Rd.Derby.
Collyer ? Crpl Armourer
Cooper W ? ?
Craig ? ? ? 
Cross C W Fg Off AS & D(Intelligence)
Danks ? ? ? Davies Arthur Crpl Fitter 2A
Davies Gordon ? Fitter 2A
Davies Richard(Dicky) ? Flights
Davey ? Flt Sgt Mechanical Fitter 2A
Denton ? ? ?
Dilkes Johnny ? Flights
Dyer A Fg Off Armoury
Eaton ? ? Flights
Edwards Ronald (Red) ? Flights
Farrow (Geordie SAC Flights 
Flack Harry Crpl Flights
Flint ? Wrt Off Station Warrant Officer
Fountain ? Sgt Photography
Glockling V G Sgt Mechanical Fitter 2A
Goss J A ? ? 
Greenwood Alfred ? Fitter 2A
Grimshaw J S Fg Off Technical Signals
Girdlestone Humphrey N ? Flights
Gullifer Leonard ? Photographer
Guthrie ? Sgt ?
Heathcoat ? Flt Sgt I/C "B" Flight
Hill T (Tich) ? Fitter 2A
Holland D.(Dutch) ? Fitter 2A
Hollings Gordon F ? ?
Hunt T (Tex) ? Fitter
Hunt Johnny Crpl Cook Sgts Mess
Hutchinson H (Hutch) Crpl Fitter 2A
Jones J (Chiefy) Flt Sgt I/C "A" Flight
Keeley Stan ? ?
Kinsey ? ? ?
Kitson ? ? ? 
Leiper Jock ? Photographer
Lord Alan ? Flights
McDonald ? Crpl Fitter 2A
McFarland ? ? Played Soccer for Sqd
Major ? W Off ? 
Marks T or F Gordon ? ?
Marrett Don ? Photographer 
Marten or Murton ? ?
Meyrick Alan (Taffy) ? ?
Mobbs Harry Crpl Fitter MA 
Morton David (Dave) Crpl ?
Munro ? ? ?
Needham Les LAC Fitter ME
Noble J ? ?
Nottage Walter(Wally) Crpl MT Trans.O/C's Driver
Ohilcott H A ? ?
Parson Roy ? Fitter Armourer
Patterson G L or G R ? ?
Payne Geoff C ? Instrument Fitter
Passman Eddie ? ?
Passmore Edward(Eddie) ? ?
Powell (Taff) ? ? 
Pratt A ? Motor Transport 
Preston (Tich) ? Cook
Robins ? Sgt Flights
Rutherford R H ? Flights
Sale Charles(Charlie) ? Flights Mechanical
Sabin Samuel(Sammy) ? Flights
Shackle Charlie ? ?
Shepherd or Shepperd W Off Motor Transport 
Sowerby Jack Flt Sgt Fitter 2A
Stow A ? ? 
Stuart ? ? ?
Tanner Wilf ? ? 
Taylor ? War Off Armoury
Taylor Alex or Alan ? ?
Thorne Cyril ? ?
Tonks (Tich) ? ?
Tuffney Roy ? ?
Watkins (Wattie) ? ?
Watson Stanley Flt Lt Intelligence Officer
Wheeler Douglas G ? Fitter Airframes
Wheeler W H Flt Lt Adjutant
Wilkie ? ? Armourer
Williams (Slimey) ? Flights
Williamson ? ? Fitter ME
Willmer S J Crpl FMA.Sqd Artist
Windle ? LAC Fitter Engineering
Yates F or J ? ? 


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